Puerto Colombia, Choroní….

Cachama Negra Choroní is located in Puerto Colombia,

Puerto Colombia:

Puerto Colombia is the port of Choroní. It is a colonial village, with various posadas (lodgings), restaurants, the Malecón (boulevard), and most importantly: Playa Grande, the beach! A very fine palm shaded beach, ideally for relaxing.

Puerto Colombia - main street and boulevard
Puerto Colombia – main street and boulevard

The Malecón of Puerto Colombia is an ideal place to walk a while, sit down in the evening, meet other people, browse or purchase local art or eat a hot-dog or hamburger. During weekends (mainly on Saturday nights), this is the spot where the “Tambores de Choroní” (traditional drums) play their music, while the spectators are encouraged to join in to sing and dance with them.
During the colonial era ships arrived here, from, among others, Spain and The Netherlands, to take cocoa, coffee and sugar back to Europe.


Choroní is a colonial village which was founded around 400 years ago. This was the place where the slaves who worked at the cocoa haciendas lived. The village of Choroní is situated at about 3 kilometers from the coast. In colonial times villages were build away from the coast to prevent them from being attacked by pirates.

Madre María de San José was born in Choroní in the year 1875, she dedicated her live to help the poor. The house where she lived can be found on the Plaza Bolívar. At the entrance of Choroní is a statue dedicated in her honor.

Most visitors to Choroní generally stay in the posadas of Puerto Colombia.

Plaza Bolívar
Plaza Bolívar


Chuao is situated 20 minutes by lancha (boat) from Puerto Colombia, and is well known for its cocoa and “Diablos Danzantes” (Dancing Devils). It is an isolated village and there is still no road to Chuao. There are a few cars however, transported by lancha from Puerto Colombia! Arriving at the beach of Chuao, you can walk or take a bus to the village, passing through the cocoa plantation. In the village you’ll find the church, with a square in front. On the square, cocoa is left to dry in the sun. You’ll have to taste a chocolate caliente (hot chocolate), or a chocolate-bar, they’re delicious!

Walking another 5 minutes uphill, you’ll encounter a river. Cross the bridge, and you can take a bath in the crystal-clear (and cold) water of “Pozo Copei”. For those who want to see more nature, keep on walking uphill for another two hours to reach a spectacular 70 meters high waterfall, “El Chorreron”.

Cocoa in Chuao
Cocoa in Chuao

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