Cachama Negra:

Quinta Cachama Negra is named after the tropical fish Cachama Negra (Pomacantus Parú), or French Angelfish in English. It is black with bright yellow rims on the scales, has a rounded tail and can reach a size of about 18 inches (45 cm). Its eyes have a bright yellow ring and all the fins are black, except for the base of the pectoral fin, which is yellow.

Cachama Negra, (Pomacantus Paru)
Cachama Negra, (Pomacantus Parú)

You can find the French Angelfish near corral reefs, often in pairs. Juveniles inhabit reefs and sandy areas. They actively clean parasites and debris from larger fish. The French Angelfish can be closely approached for observation with snorkeling or diving equipment. Snorkling near the corral reef in Cepe, you’ll almost certain see these fish.

Cachama Negra
Cachama Negra

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