A world under water:

Get to know a completely different world: The underwater world.

Around Choroní you can find various different locations in which you can see the world of coral and fish from up-close. With only a diving mask and snorkel, or with a complete diving outfit, you’ll always see something beautiful.


With a diving mask and snorkel you can very well observe the underwater world in the natural pool of “Valle Seco”. Valle Seco is a beach which you can reach by boat from Puerto Colombia in about 15 minutes. It is also suitable for beginners. The natural pool is formed by a coral reef, at about 15 meters from the beach. Maximum depth is about 2,5 meters. Thanks to the reef there are almost no waves, which makes the snorkeling very easy.

Other good locations for snorkeling are: Cepe (only if there are few waves), Tuja and La Ciénaga.



For those who like some more than snorkeling, there’s the possibility to explore the underwater world using dive equipment. If you have got a diving licence, you can rent equipment and/or make guided dives.

Diving excursions are organized by “Puerto Escondido Diving Center” in Cepe. Cepe is a beach which you can reach by boat in about 30 minutes from Puerto Colombia. Near Cepe you can find over 15 nice diving spots.

For those who do not have a diving licence, but are interested in diving, there’s the “Discover Scuba Diving”. This is a half-day course consisting of an introduction-video and pool instruction, after which you will make a real dive in the Caribbean sea.. Depending on the dive spot and depth, this dive will take about 30 to 45 minutes.

Underwater world
Underwater world


At Puerto Escondido Dive Center you can do the PADI-courses “Open Water” and “Advanced”. They also rent out diving masks, flippers and complete diving equipments. www.PuertoEscondido.com.ve

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